Resilience Fund Recipient

Newcastle Fringe is excited to announce that they are a recipient of the Australia Council Resilience Fund and have received a grant to ensure the viability of Newcastle Fringe 2021.

Newcastle Fringe was one of the earliest victims of Covid-19, having to close the festival within 2 days of the scheduled opening. With this grant, Newcastle Fringe 2021 is already in the planning stages and it will give the organisers confidence to pivot should Covid-19 restrictions still be in place. Many of the artists from this year’s scheduled festival chose to take credits on their entry fees so that they can return next year, and Newcastle Fringe is looking forward to hosting them.

The Fringe is committed to their mission to enhance Newcastle’s reputation as a cultural destination by maintaining an open access framework, encouraging diverse and creative acts both locally and internationally and by providing the opportunity for artists to improve their skills and be rewarded monetarily all whilst delivering an engaging, edgy and unique festival experience to the audiences.

“We are beyond relieved and grateful to receive this assistance,” said Phil Aughey, Director of the Newcastle Fringe Festival. “We wish to thank our sponsors, Port Waratah Coal Services, AGL and now the Australia Council for the Arts for their belief in, and support of, the Newcastle Fringe Festival. Next year’s festival will be a wonderful celebration of all things fringe and we can’t wait to bring it to the people of Newcastle.”

Newcastle Fringe 2021 will be the 6th annual festival and run from 17 to 21 March 2021.