Theatre & Dance

Alana Blackburn – Re-Growth?

Regrowth? is a solo multimedia performance by acclaimed recorder player Alana Blackburn. Through a performance of new, electroacoustic works it’s time to hear the recorder like you’ve never heard it before! Bringing an arsenal of different sized instruments, this visual and aural experience evokes thoughts and engagement between the audience, the natural world, and the creative sound world.

Obviously a fine exponent of music for any recorder, she proved herself as a capable experimenter in contemporary wind technique. In four diverse works she produced an atmospheric collaboration with electronic media.ArtsHub

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


Jane Austen Society

Is Mr Darcy more vividly portrayed within the pages of the novel Pride and Prejudice or when viewed in a TV or film adaptation? Can a novel written 200 years ago be meaningful to a present-day reader without the help of a dramatic re-enactment? How obligated is the adapter of Austen’s work to remain true to the original?

Members of the local branch of the Jane Austen Society will lead a lively discussion on these questions in which the audience will be encouraged to join.


CATEGORY: Spoken Word and Theatre


Kahibah Brass Kills the Radio Star

The eccentric, eclectic, electronic, ‘eargasmic‘, and visually spasmodic brass explosion that is Kahibah Brass brings a chaotic mix of old and new, known and unknown, twisted together and sent to you through cosmic beams of neuro experimentation. All served with a side of visual insanity, this is a show for the reminiscent, ‘disco-iscent‘ time travelling revellers that like the night life and to boogie on down blurred lines laid out by Israelites so we can be Happy Together. So Tether My Pony, shake that Green Tambourine, Get Smart & come on out to the extraordinary extravaganza that is Kahibah Electro Pop Brass Experience.

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


Light It Up

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. Come join us in a celebration of the art of fire manipulation, whether you call it fire spinning, dancing or twirling this mesmerising art form is appealing to audiences of all ages.  

Fire transforms everything it encounters, allowing us to change our food, make tools, keep safe,  stay warm & make ceremony. 

Fire can be a force that burns through anything that no longer serves you, clearing and cleansing so that you have the space and clarity to flourish and thrive. What offering will you bring as a gift to the fire?   (Pens & paper will be Provided) 

Watch dangerous acts of fiery splendor as our fire artisans fan the flames in what is both a spectacle of courage & skill as well as a transformative experience. 

CATEGORY: Circus and Dance


The Lou Chapman Show

Louise Chapman, regional finalist of the World Monologue Games, premieres her new show The Lou Chapman Show. In a celebration of local and international playwrights and directors, Lou brings to the stage new original works by Newcastle’s Vanessa Bates and Larissa Jarman, from Dusseldorf Germany, Fiona Leonard, Byron’s Ana Louisa Davis, and from Florida, United States, Sinda Nichols.

Supported by The Base Health and Community and Made.In.Newcastle.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Spoken Word


Psychotic Sideshow

A motley crew of clowns have been booted out & ex-clown-unicated from Jailor Jorge’s Sideshow for displaying “macabre & unusual behaviours”. Circus-goers and the like, prepare yourself for a gawking spectacle.

CATEGORY: Circus and Experimental Theatre


Scruffy Knight

Enormous technical changes over the last thirty years, and of course COVID, pushes our elderly performer to the limits of sanity, so he calls upon his friends from other parts of the world, who bring a wealth of talent which they try to communicate through today’s technology. Their seemingly inept attempts hopefully achieve a surprisingly hilarious result.

CATEGORY: Experimental Theatre and Comedy


Steve Wilson – Don’t Touch Me! A Tale of Cats and Hugs

Don’t Touch Me! A Tale of Cats and Hugs is a solo performance about a single, middle-aged man navigating the perils of housesitting, and relationships. Part monologue, part slide show it is a comical and warm tale of encounters with cats and people who want to hug you – performed by Steve Wilson aka Camino Man, winner of the 2021 Newcastle Fringe Best New Show.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Spoken Word


Sweet Fleshed, Loose Skinned, and Highly Perfumed

Delicate Disasters
Delightful Dramas
Decaying Dandys

A dashing damsel, dancing into Dante’s infernal dreams

What do these have in common? We’re not sure, but you might find them at ’Sweet fleshed, loose skinned, and highly perfumed’, a new solo work of dance theatre, devised and performed by Josh Freedman. A reclamation of the once derogatory term ‘fruit’, it explores and celebrates queerness through a unique blend of cabaret, flights of fantasy, and visceral physicality. So come and witness chimeric creatures and virtuous vixens, sensual seedlings and overpowering odours. It promises to be a great night, filled with passion(fruit), not to miss.



Sydney the Folk Musical

This extravaganza, spanning 10,000 years and 658 suburbs, featuring a live folk band and a Greek chorus, will be performed by a cast full of Morris dancers (from Sydney of course) and filled with songs penned by Clark Gormley.

CATEGORY: Music, Poetry, Dance and Comedy


Tinder Cindy

Tinder Cindy is a fusion of art forms. Not only is it a one-woman show, but it is also a funny dancing-storytelling-bundle of dating reality. 

Cindy’s in a crisis – rolling dolmades with one hand while desperately swiping right with the other. After backpacking around the world she’s back home with no money, no boyfriend – and she’s living with her Yiayia (Greek grandmother). Yiayia has a thing or two to teach Cindy about dating!

It is “beautiful not, just hilarious“. 

CATEGORY: Comedy, Theatre and Spoken Word


WCB: Sigil

The return season of WCB: Sigil, ‘Artistic Merit’ nominee from Newcastle Fringe Festival 2021!

WCB: Sigil is an exploration of musical spell-casting. Walking through a surreal projected landscape, we go with WCB deep into his psyche to reveal sometimes uncomfortable truths but ultimately cathartic emotions.

WCB has been described internationally as neo-soul, R&B, electronica and trip-hop, “emotional and soulful”, “with a distinct moodiness”, but what draws listeners to his music is the exploration of the emotional complexities of the human experience.

WCB: Sigil combines his love for music, visual storytelling and movement, providing a glimpse inside the world in which his music exists; giving an authentic representation into the the struggles of being queer and an artist.

WCB has performed previously at Newcastle Fringe, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Auckland Arts Festival, NZ Pride Festival and NZ Music Month; and shared the stage with queer icon Lucy Lawless.

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


When Shakespeare Met Shakespeare

When Shakespeare Met Shakespeare pits four Shakespeare conspiracies against one another in a hapless bid to find the truth. The unfortunate subjects of these tired theories will test each other’s wit and patience in a playwriting contest in which only the audience will survive.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Comedy