Poetry & Spoken Word

Failure to Launch

They perform funny songs and award-winning poetry but can they finally get their books off the ground? Robert Edmonds is a prize-winning poet and performer but Gravity Doesn’t Work is his first collection. Clark Gormley is a Writer/Singer/Comedian who’s written three albums worth of songs for Nerds & Music but his poetry collection Not What You Think deserves a bigger audience. See the show that won best comedy at 2021 Dubbo Fringe.

Receive two free books with your ticket! Learn how to fail from the experts!

CATEGORGY: Music, Comedy and Poetry


HELPFUL HINTS for Performers

With over twenty years experience of producing and touring, our NF creator, Phil Aughey will be giving a workshop to impart his knowledge and experience for the benefit of established and emerging artists. He is the writer of 4 plays and 1 novel and a BA in how to act. His touring theatre group, Anvil Creek Theatre, has produced 283 performances all over Australia and overseas. 

The session is designed to help with skills and basis theories on acting, writing, producing and the dos and don’ts of touring.


CATEGORY: Spoken Word


Henry Wagons – Old Fashioned Nights

Henry Wagons (host of Double J’s Tower of Song and front man of the band Wagons) needs no introduction. The charismatic performer, raconteur, TV host and radio personality is synonymous with Melbourne’s culture of good music, good food and good times. Accompanied by special guest Lachlan Bryan on piano (of Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes), this special, Sunday 20 March-lunch-edition of Old Fashioned Nights, delivers up a unique afternoon of songs and stories with a culinary theme. It’s Henry at his informal, conversational best.

CATEGORY: Music and Spoken Word


Jane Austen Society

Is Mr Darcy more vividly portrayed within the pages of the novel Pride and Prejudice or when viewed in a TV or film adaptation? Can a novel written 200 years ago be meaningful to a present-day reader without the help of a dramatic re-enactment? How obligated is the adapter of Austen’s work to remain true to the original?

Members of the local branch of the Jane Austen Society will lead a lively discussion on these questions in which the audience will be encouraged to join.


CATEGORY: Spoken Word and Theatre


The Lou Chapman Show

Louise Chapman, regional finalist of the World Monologue Games, premieres her new show The Lou Chapman Show. In a celebration of local and international playwrights and directors, Lou brings to the stage new original works by Newcastle’s Vanessa Bates and Larissa Jarman, from Dusseldorf Germany, Fiona Leonard, Byron’s Ana Louisa Davis, and from Florida, United States, Sinda Nichols.

Supported by The Base Health and Community and Made.In.Newcastle.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Spoken Word


The Majishans present Nashville: a Rock Odyssey

Hold on to your seats folks – it’s going to be a wild ride! This is the story of an almost famous band whose manager offers them a breakthrough gig in Nashville. All they have to do is get on a private plane, taking off from a deserted airstrip at night, and fly to Tennessee…. What follows is an epic journey of survival, loss and transformation. Nashville is an amazing performance that fuses storytelling with original music. It’s a rock odyssey inspired by Middle Eastern riffs, swampy Delta blues, trance and the kind of smoky, guitar-fuelled journeys of the Deep South.

CATEGORY: Music and Spoken Word


Marty Bright – Jokin’N Spoken

Join world touring comedian and poet, Marty Bright for an hour of whimsical silly stand up comedy, funky rhythmic rhymes and heartfelt husky vocals. Marty has performed across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, bringing his upbeat, unique hybrid style of performance to stages such as Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals, The Comedy Store (LA and Sydney) as well as the Adelaide and Sydney Fringes. Joining Marty for the evening will be some secret special guest performers of the Novocastrian Variety.

CATEGORY: Comedy and Poetry


Steve Wilson – Don’t Touch Me! A Tale of Cats and Hugs

Don’t Touch Me! A Tale of Cats and Hugs is a solo performance about a single, middle-aged man navigating the perils of housesitting, and relationships. Part monologue, part slide show it is a comical and warm tale of encounters with cats and people who want to hug you – performed by Steve Wilson aka Camino Man, winner of the 2021 Newcastle Fringe Best New Show.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Spoken Word


Sydney The Folk Musical

This extravaganza, spanning 10,000 years and 658 suburbs, featuring a live folk band and a Greek chorus, will be performed by a cast full of Morris dancers (from Sydney of course) and filled with songs penned by Clark Gormley.

CATEGORY: Music, Poetry, Dance and Comedy


Tinder Cindy

Tinder Cindy is a fusion of art forms. Not only is it a one-woman show, but it is also a funny dancing-storytelling-bundle of dating reality. 

Cindy’s in a crisis – rolling dolmades with one hand while desperately swiping right with the other. After backpacking around the world she’s back home with no money, no boyfriend – and she’s living with her Yiayia (Greek grandmother). Yiayia has a thing or two to teach Cindy about dating!

It is “beautiful not, just hilarious“. 

CATEGORY: Comedy, Theatre and Spoken Word


Zoe Rogers – Chemistry: The Human Condition

CHEMISTRY. So many connotations – high school, sexual tension, your anti-depressants, romance, the ozone layer, neurotransmitters, toxic fire-fighting foams and of course Eshays and the good times.

Zoe is a mostly self-taught Chemistry enthusiast who happens to (still) hold a legitimate job as a government scientist, keeping track of chemicals all over the place, including your drug use signatures in sewage and how much humans really are f**king up the planet in all sorts of ways you haven’t even contemplated.

At 3am she’ll be up reading medical journals for the latest on clinical trials of microdosing AND macrodosing psychedelic drugs, or absorbing new discoveries across the neurodiverse multiverse. She’ll share her stories of experiments, old and new, legal and otherwise. Laughter is the best form of dopamine to be had in public, so come along one night and have a learn while you’re about it.

CATEGORY: Comedy and Spoken Word