Performers & Shows

Alana Blackburn – Re-Growth?

Regrowth? is a solo multimedia performance by acclaimed recorder player Alana Blackburn. Through a performance of new, electroacoustic works it’s time to hear the recorder like you’ve never heard it before! Bringing an arsenal of different sized instruments, this visual and aural experience evokes thoughts and engagement between the audience, the natural world, and the creative sound world.

Obviously a fine exponent of music for any recorder, she proved herself as a capable experimenter in contemporary wind technique. In four diverse works she produced an atmospheric collaboration with electronic media.ArtsHub

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


Bad Girls Club

Kitty Allure & Onya Bones Present… The Bad Girls Club!

Delve into a world of pure unadulterated bad this burlesque and variety night.

Prepare for a night of sensuality, tease and power. Our self-expression is our art and we command your attention on stage. Feminine strength takes many forms and we can’t wait for you to see and explore what we have for you. Welcome to the club.

What does it mean to be a bad girl? It’s more than what it sounds – it’s an energy, a vibe. An all encompassing way of moving and living on the edge. Bad girls aren’t confined by rules or society, they rebel and we know exactly how to prove it to you.

CATEGORY: Burlesque


Basketball Man Can Fly

For years Basketball Man has been a world renowned Basketball Freestyler but now he’s out to prove he’s a real superhero. Witness the best basketball tricks you’ve never seen as Basketball Man. Watch him as he spins, dribbles, juggles, and performs stunts in this crime fighting, family-friendly circus show.

CATEGORY: Circus and Kids Show


Ben Stevenson – Ratbag

It’s common for parents to give their children adoring nicknames. Ben’s mum called him Ratbag.

Opening act for some of Australia’s greats (Tony Martin, Akmal, Tom Gleeson, Nazeem Hussain…) Ben’s disarming likable style has taken him all over the country performing comedy (except Perth, that’s a really long way).

Join Ben for an hour as he shares tales of the times he should have been arrested, the times he should have died and all the times in between that proved one thing.

Ben’s mum had a point.



BlackStarr Cabaret & Burlesque

At night the misfits come. Welcome as we thrill and thrall you with cabaret, burlesque, circus and a lashing of magic. We will tease, we will tantalise and leave you wanting more. For the glamour, for the love and everything in between.

CATEGORY: Cabaret, Burlesque and Circus



Welcome to Candyland, a world with a little bit of sugar, spice, and all things nice… and maybe a touch of sour to tickle your taste buds! Enjoy a tasty swirl of naughty circus cabaret fun sure to satisfy every taste and leave you yearning for… the lolly jar.

Don’t believe us? Come and have a taste.

CATEGRY: Burlesque, Cabaret and Circus


Catherine Britt – Home Truths

The internationally successful, multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, Catherine Britt takes to her hometown stage to showcase her new album Home Truths and perform a whole swag of her biggest hits. It’s the singer and the song that makes for truly distinctive and enduring artists – lots of great songs and some mighty fine singing. Catherine Britt has a voice that instantly gets your attention … but unlike others, it is the craftsmanship of this singer/songwriter who unashamedly boasts a worthy story to tell that truly keeps her audience enthralled.

Supported by self-proclaimed gypsy Scotsman, singer/songwriter Colin Lillie whose latest EP was mixed by Shane Nicholson on Beverley Hillbilly Records and features a duet with Britt – this show promises to pack a punch and sell-out.



Christian Elderfield – Happy Pom

Fresh outta lockdown brilliantly talented UK comedian Christian Elderfield is a Happy Pom coming to 2022 Newcastle Fringe with a brand new show!

As seen on Just For Laughs at the Sydney Opera House Channel 10, Britain’s Got Talent and winner of multiple comedy awards this is a laugh-out-loud performance from one of the best international acts in Australia! If you like quick fire jokes and hilarious stories this is the show for you! Catch him while you can folks!

“Fantastic, intimate slap-dash comedy” ★★★★½ Adelaide Advertiser 



Come for Tea!

COME FOR TEA! A collection of real-life experiences and funny misunderstandings and situations one can experience when not familiar with slang, new culture, food experiences, and sayings that one never learns when studying English at school. This show will make you smile, giggle and laugh out loud about everyday situations.



Di Barkas – Oops: In The Age of Viagra

A very naughty lady there will be no dry knickers in the house! Hilarious Comedy, from a hopeful Lady in the age of Viagra. Beware, it can kill you with laughter.

Public choice for Raw comedy, Wollongong.  Performing with the ‘Vault on the Road‘, run by Merrigong Theatre, including the Mittagong Theatre and the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. 

Critics:  Monobrow Entertainment’s Martin Henchion: “Di is Fantastic, she has the audience in stitches“.  Fairlie Hamilton ABC Radio,  “The Biggest Laugh I’ve had all year“. Luke Bennet, Short and Sweet Comedy Festival “Amazing!”



Eddy Rockefeller – Wisdom Teeth

Returning from last year’s sold out run and multiple award nominations, Eddy Rockefeller is back with her next triumph Wisdom Teeth, a show about biting off more than you can chew, learning from it, then biting again. After fumbling her way through her twenties, Eddy Rockefeller is here to share the wisdom of her experiences in this one woman comedy spectacular! From confusion to clarity. From naïve girl to wise woman. From failed relationship to…failed relationship. Life has thrown a lot at this professional attention seeker and she’s learnt how to roll with the punch-lines. They say failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour, so get ready for one flavoursome, condiment soaked show! I hope you like mustard…



Failure to Launch

They perform funny songs and award-winning poetry but can they finally get their books off the ground? Robert Edmonds is a prize-winning poet and performer but Gravity Doesn’t Work is his first collection. Clark Gormley is a Writer/Singer/Comedian who’s written three albums worth of songs for Nerds & Music but his poetry collection Not What You Think deserves a bigger audience. See the show that won best comedy at 2021 Dubbo Fringe.

Receive two free books with your ticket! Learn how to fail from the experts!

CATEGORGY: Music, Comedy and Poetry


Georgina Winchester – Piano from Gresford

Piano From Gresford is a cross multi-disciplinary performance incorporating symphonic music, story-telling and theatre. The piece of music was written and produced by 24 year old local musician and founder of Purple Top Records, Georgie Winchester, who has gathered only the most experienced and best young musicians in Newcastle to accompany her undulating piano composition. In collaboration with young writer Angus Sharpe who is studying creative writing at the University of Newcastle, some of the most unique and poetic tales have been written and are narrated throughout the show creating an interdisciplinary edge to the performance. To tie the performance together, two local dancers embellish the music and Sharpe’s stories onstage through use of costume, body movement, light and dance. Distinguished director, actor, writer and producer Michael Winchester has offered to assist in direction and production of the show.

Don’t miss this beautiful locally produced show on a magical night in March for the Newcastle Fringe Festival 2022.



HELPFUL HINTS For Performers

With over twenty years experience of producing and touring, our NF creator, Phil Aughey will be giving a workshop to impart his knowledge and experience for the benefit of established and emerging artists. He is the writer of 4 plays and 1 novel and a BA in how to act. His touring theatre group, Anvil Creek Theatre, has produced 283 performances all over Australia and overseas. 

The session is designed to help with skills and basis theories on acting, writing, producing and the dos and don’ts of touring.


CATEGORY: Spoken Word


Henry Wagons – Old Fashioned Nights

Henry Wagons (host of Double J’s Tower of Song and front man of the band Wagons) needs no introduction. The charismatic performer, raconteur, TV host and radio personality is synonymous with Melbourne’s culture of good music, good food and good times. Accompanied by special guest Lachlan Bryan on piano (of Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes), this special, Sunday 20 March-lunch-edition of Old Fashioned Nights, delivers up a unique afternoon of songs and stories with a culinary theme. It’s Henry at his informal, conversational best.

CATEGORY: Music and Spoken Word


Jane Austen Society

Is Mr Darcy more vividly portrayed within the pages of the novel Pride and Prejudice or when viewed in a TV or film adaptation? Can a novel written 200 years ago be meaningful to a present-day reader without the help of a dramatic re-enactment? How obligated is the adapter of Austen’s work to remain true to the original?

Members of the local branch of the Jane Austen Society will lead a lively discussion on these questions in which the audience will be encouraged to join.


CATEGORY: Spoken Word and Theatre


Johnny Bakerlite and the Subterraneans – Thinking Out Loud

This is a jam packed hour of evocative poetic imagery, served up in a rich melodic sauce of textures and colours with a dollop of driven punchy one liner smoky blues for your listening pleasure.



Kahibah Brass Kills the Radio Star

The eccentric, eclectic, electronic, ‘eargasmic‘, and visually spasmodic brass explosion that is Kahibah Brass brings a chaotic mix of old and new, known and unknown, twisted together and sent to you through cosmic beams of neuro experimentation. All served with a side of visual insanity, this is a show for the reminiscent, ‘disco-iscent‘ time travelling revellers that like the night life and to boogie on down blurred lines laid out by Israelites so we can be Happy Together. So Tether My Pony, shake that Green Tambourine, Get Smart & come on out to the extraordinary extravaganza that is Kahibah Electro Pop Brass Experience.

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


LaHi – aka Laura Higgins

A sparkly fusion of jazz, invigorated with a funky groove to get you moving, you will be captivated by the sheer presence of frontman LaHi; her angelic voice, dynamic melodies, and an aura that demands attention even during the most quiet of songs.



Li Laurent

Li Laurent is an enigmatic singer songwriter who writes songs about feeling very deeply and/or being incredibly sassy. She’s an acclaimed British Artist, known for her powerful vocals and unique writing style which have been regularly featured on radio, TV & festival stages. Her style transcends international waters, where her music is being received in England, America and Sweden most notably with her original songs “Little Black Soul” and “Broken Bird”. Her shows are always packed full of good vibes and great energy and she’s here good time – not a long time.



Light It Up

The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire. Come join us in a celebration of the art of fire manipulation, whether you call it fire spinning, dancing or twirling this mesmerising art form is appealing to audiences of all ages.  

Fire transforms everything it encounters, allowing us to change our food, make tools, keep safe,  stay warm & make ceremony. 

Fire can be a force that burns through anything that no longer serves you, clearing and cleansing so that you have the space and clarity to flourish and thrive. What offering will you bring as a gift to the fire?   (Pens & paper will be Provided) 

Watch dangerous acts of fiery splendor as our fire artisans fan the flames in what is both a spectacle of courage & skill as well as a transformative experience. 

CATEGORY: Circus and Dance


The Lou Chapman Show

Louise Chapman, regional finalist of the World Monologue Games, premieres her new show The Lou Chapman Show. In a celebration of local and international playwrights and directors, Lou brings to the stage new original works by Newcastle’s Vanessa Bates and Larissa Jarman, from Dusseldorf Germany, Fiona Leonard, Byron’s Ana Louisa Davis, and from Florida, United States, Sinda Nichols.

Supported by The Base Health and Community and Made.In.Newcastle.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Spoken Word


Luke Robinson & Friends – Songs of Country & Conscience

As folk music legend Pete Seeger once said, “A good song reminds us what we’re fighting for”. With carefully-crafted lyrics and a rich, powerful bass voice accompanied by acoustic guitar, Luke’s rousing anthems and contemplative ballads range from our First Peoples to refugees, fracking, climate change, military misadventures and drug addiction, balanced with comical reflections on Australian life and politics.

Originally hailing from country Victoria, Luke now lives in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Playing in a blend of folk, rock and country styles, he has performed at folk clubs, festivals and other public events across the country. In Songs of Country & Conscience, Luke and fellow musicians from Newcastle and Sydney will share with you their original songs calling for social and ecological justice.

Joining Luke will be:

Saturday the 19th of March

– Luke Robinson

– Stu Tyrrell

– Nerds & Music

Sunday the 20th of March

– Luke Robinson

– Steel City Sue

– Sweet Songs & Soft Guitar

– Tripple Effect

– Derek Dowding

Be sure not to miss these powerful voices for a better Australia.



The Majishans present Nashville: a Rock Odyssey

Hold on to your seats folks – it’s going to be a wild ride! This is the story of an almost famous band whose manager offers them a breakthrough gig in Nashville. All they have to do is get on a private plane, taking off from a deserted airstrip at night, and fly to Tennessee…. What follows is an epic journey of survival, loss and transformation. Nashville is an amazing performance that fuses storytelling with original music. It’s a rock odyssey inspired by Middle Eastern riffs, swampy Delta blues, trance and the kind of smoky, guitar-fuelled journeys of the Deep South.

CATEGORY: Music and Spoken Word


Marty Bright – Jokin’N Spoken

Join world touring comedian and poet, Marty Bright for an hour of whimsical silly stand up comedy, funky rhythmic rhymes and heartfelt husky vocals. Marty has performed across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, bringing his upbeat, unique hybrid style of performance to stages such as Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals, The Comedy Store (LA and Sydney) as well as the Adelaide and Sydney Fringes. Joining Marty for the evening will be some secret special guest performers of the Novocastrian Variety.

CATEGORY: Comedy and Poetry


Mitchell Elliott – Kurosawa Daydream

Mitchell Elliott will perform his 2021 collection Kurosawa Daydream for the first time before a live audience. Kurosawa Daydream is inspired by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s series of short films, Dreams (夢). The songs are, like their namesake, desolate, uncanny, and phantasmagorical; collages of electronic sounds that provoke the listener to find meaning within the cacophony of violent sounds, eerie melodies and disparate field recordings. Elliott invites his audience to endure a treacherous sonic journey through dream-like imagery and foreign worlds.

The performance will be accompanied by visual projections made by Sydney-based artist Maira Kei. Maira’s practice encourages a cultural exchange between media and context. Her visual companion to Elliott’s work imagines a landscape to the music. This is a place to inhabit and be carried by, a place that draws its own breath -in tandem, in opposition- transporting us deeper into the world of Kurosawa Daydream.



Nerds & Music Do The Fringe

Nerds & Music consists of two word-nerds from the back sheds of Newcastle. A poetry-writing engineer and a font designer with misguided dreams of guitar stardom, their unique acoustic comedy is all about the words. Quirky and non-traditional, they provide philosophical insight into underrated song writing subjects such as British crime drama, recycling and the colour brown. Delivering satire coated in pleasing harmonies, audiences will be mildly bemused by their weirdness, witticisms, wordplay, alliteration, and use of the Oxford Comma. Warning: may contain traces of nerd.

CATEGORY: Music and Comedy


Newcastle Chamber Choir

Award-winning Newcastle Chamber Choir is delighted to return to the stage, delivering a mix of traditional and contemporary choral delights for our beloved local fans. Newcastle Chamber Choir, Australasian Choral Champions at the Sydney Eisteddfod in 2019 and 2021, are dedicated to performing choral music to the highest standard in Australia and internationally. Performing works by Grandage, Praetorius, McCall, Stopford, Byrd, Gjeilo and more, it will be a show to remember.

CATEGORY: Music and Choir


Nothing Serious

Maddie and Laura aren’t looking for anything serious. Just a crowd, maybe 20-or-so, to come and see their stand-up. It’s no big deal, it’ll only be an hour. Honestly it will be more like 50 minutes. The jokes are really good. No pressure though, its nothing serious. Unless… you want it to be?

Maddie Southall is a comedian, actor and screenwriter. Perth-born, she cut her teeth in the LA comedy scene, eventually performing regularly at the world famous Comedy Store and Flappers Comedy Club. With a Creative Writing degree from UCLA, Maddie returned to Sydney. When she’s not writing for television, she’s writing jokes. Catch her delighting audiences all around Australia with her unique brand of intelligent, whimsical comedy.

Described by her peers as “a killer”, “super funny” and “that chick who bought me a beer once”, Laura Coleman was a 2020 Raw Comedy state finalist. Laura has been seen at such illustrious venues as the Comedy Lounge, Powerbomb Comedy and Dirty Thunder comedy nights.




A dynamite, late-night romp of burlesque, circus, drag, sideshow and magic. We light up the stage with delightfully devilish displays of debauchery the likes of which you’ll never be able to unsee. One whole hour that represents approximately 169 years of repenting for sins you didn’t even commit, only witnessed. On the Scoville Scale, this once-in-a-lifetime kinda spice makes the Carolina Reaper look like a silly little ice cube.

That’s right: We’ve just sassed the hottest chili in the world and we’d do it again. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you won’t know where to look or what to do with your hands. Come for the shock, stay for the awe.

CATEGORY: Burlesque and Circus


Psychotic Sideshow

A motley crew of clowns have been booted out & ex-clown-unicated from Jailor Jorge’s Sideshow for displaying “macabre & unusual behaviours”. Circus-goers and the like, prepare yourself for a gawking spectacle.

TRIGGER WARNING This show contains themes relating to suicide and self-harm. The artists have worked in collaboration with Mindframe and there will be brochures available at the venue with 24/7 hotlines and information in case anyone is triggered.

CATEGORY: Circus and Experimental Theatre


Red Orchestra & Biggs Project

Red Orchestra electro pop. Biggs Project melodic rock. Two of Newcastle’s 1980’s post punk bands. Bursting with inspired originality, reaching into the depths of our souls, instantly connecting with the listener. To express our deeper thoughts and feelings through music. Red Orchestra, electro pop, broke into the mainstream supporting major acts in the 1980’s. Biggs Project, melodic rock, have continuously played and performed, since the 1980’s and perfected their smooth sound.



Robyn Reynolds – Mermaid

Join Robyn Reynolds (UK) for hilarious “fish out of water” debut show! Much like Ariel, Robyn has a fantastic set of norks and her bottom is covered in scales. Expect a rough and ready hour of comedy, filled with relatable moments and Bridget Jones level of personal embarrassment. BOOK TICKETS NOW!

NOMINATED: Best Comedy at Sydney Fringe 2019. “Clearly talented in the structure and timing of comedy, it’s not hard to see why she’s a fast-rising comic in the Sydney scene.” – Theatre Travels



Scruffy Knight

Enormous technical changes over the last thirty years, and of course COVID, pushes our elderly performer to the limits of sanity, so he calls upon his friends from other parts of the world, who bring a wealth of talent which they try to communicate through today’s technology. Their seemingly inept attempts hopefully achieve a surprisingly hilarious result.

CATEGORY: Experimental Theatre and Comedy


Spooky Men’s Chorale


The Spooky Men’s Chorale is a vast, rumbling, steam powered and black clad behemoth, seemingly accidentally capable of rendering audiences moist eyed with mute appreciation or haplessly gurgling with merriment. Based on the twin pillars of grand foolishness and the quest for the perfect subwoofer-rattling boofchord, the Spooky Men seek to commentate on the absurdity and grandeur of the modern male armed only with their voices, a sly collection of hats and facial hair, and a twinkle in the eye.

CATEGORY: Music, Choir and Comedy


Steve Wilson – Don’t Touch Me! A Tale of Cats and Hugs

Don’t Touch Me! A Tale of Cats and Hugs is a solo performance about a single, middle-aged man navigating the perils of housesitting, and relationships. Part monologue, part slide show it is a comical and warm tale of encounters with cats and people who want to hug you – performed by Steve Wilson aka Camino Man, winner of the 2021 Newcastle Fringe Best New Show.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Spoken Word


Sweet Fleshed, Loose Skinned, and Highly Perfumed

Delicate Disasters
Delightful Dramas
Decaying Dandys

A dashing damsel, dancing into Dante’s infernal dreams

What do these have in common? We’re not sure, but you might find them at ’Sweet fleshed, loose skinned, and highly perfumed’, a new solo work of dance theatre, devised and performed by Josh Freedman. A reclamation of the once derogatory term ‘fruit’, it explores and celebrates queerness through a unique blend of cabaret, flights of fantasy, and visceral physicality. So come and witness chimeric creatures and virtuous vixens, sensual seedlings and overpowering odours. It promises to be a great night, filled with passion(fruit), not to miss.



Sydney The Folk Musical

This extravaganza, spanning 10,000 years and 658 suburbs, featuring a live folk band and a Greek chorus, will be performed by a cast full of Morris dancers (from Sydney of course) and filled with songs penned by Clark Gormley.

CATEGORY: Music, Poetry, Dance and Comedy


Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir is a non-auditioned choir which welcomes members regardless of their sexual identity or musical experience. The choir is open to all – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersex, queer and our straight allies. What unites us is a love of singing together and striving for performance excellence. A powerful symbol of diversity, inclusion and harmony, the choir has maintained a vital and visible presence in the history of Sydney’s LGBTQI community.

CATEGORY: Music and Choir


Tinder Cindy

Tinder Cindy is a fusion of art forms. Not only is it a one-woman show, but it is also a funny dancing-storytelling-bundle of dating reality. 

Cindy’s in a crisis – rolling dolmades with one hand while desperately swiping right with the other. After backpacking around the world she’s back home with no money, no boyfriend – and she’s living with her Yiayia (Greek grandmother). Yiayia has a thing or two to teach Cindy about dating!

It is “beautiful not, just hilarious“. 

CATEGORY: Comedy, Theatre and Spoken Word


Trip Fandino

We are Trip Fandino. We make music.

As an 100% independent and self managed band, Trip Fandino bring you their new single “Freak Show”. as well as their debut single “Vultures” to Newcastle Fringe.



Triple Treat Comedy

Three of the best and most versatile comedians in the country, with over 100 years combined experience in stand-up comedy, come together for one huge night of guaranteed nonstop laughter at Lizottes on Saturday 19th March in Triple Treat Comedy. Guided by host Darren Sanders, Tommy Dean (regularly heard on ABC Radio’s TGIF) and Peter Berner (Backberner, The Einstein Factor) will bring their distinctive styles of comedy to a night of side-splitting hilarity.



Vanessa ‘Larry’ Mitchell – Teardrops on my Dildo

Taking a break from her literary project, 50 First Dates, aptly renamed Teardrops on my Dildo, Vanessa ‘Larry’ Mitchell is a cannonball of confidence and a firing squad of laughter on stage. From parenting, dating and all things female, if you shouldn’t say it in public, you can guarantee she will.



WCB: Sigil

The return season of WCB: Sigil, ‘Artistic Merit’ nominee from Newcastle Fringe Festival 2021!

WCB: Sigil is an exploration of musical spell-casting. Walking through a surreal projected landscape, we go with WCB deep into his psyche to reveal sometimes uncomfortable truths but ultimately cathartic emotions.

WCB has been described internationally as neo-soul, R&B, electronica and trip-hop, “emotional and soulful”, “with a distinct moodiness”, but what draws listeners to his music is the exploration of the emotional complexities of the human experience.

WCB: Sigil combines his love for music, visual storytelling and movement, providing a glimpse inside the world in which his music exists; giving an authentic representation into the the struggles of being queer and an artist.

WCB has performed previously at Newcastle Fringe, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Auckland Arts Festival, NZ Pride Festival and NZ Music Month; and shared the stage with queer icon Lucy Lawless.

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


When Shakespeare Met Shakespeare

When Shakespeare Met Shakespeare pits four Shakespeare conspiracies against one another in a hapless bid to find the truth. The unfortunate subjects of these tired theories will test each other’s wit and patience in a playwriting contest in which only the audience will survive.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Comedy


The Whole “She” Bang

A showcase of the best established and emerging women comedians in NSW! Join us for an amazing night femme forward comedy. If you can’t decide which show to go to, why not sample some of the funniest acts around?

50% of all profits will be donated to Jenny’s Place, a non-profit organisation helping women in crisis. By coming to this show, you not only support women in comedy, but women in need. Thank you.



Wild Side

From the creators of award-winning variety night OMGWTF, Wild Side is Newcastle’s premier late night rock and roll romp. Featuring the finest burlesque, circus and sideshow to a rock and roll soundtrack, clothing, rules, and manners are out the door. This show will have you screaming for more!

CATEGORY: Burlesque and Circus


Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret

Want to get your feet tapping? Want to free your inner Gypsy? Then come along to experience the unique music and song of Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret, from moving love songs to passionate dance music. Fiery, powerful, gentle, romantic… Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret brings you all the captivating music of the Romany gypsies and Balkan folk songs. Zlatko’s rich baritone voice, accompanied by instruments as diverse as guitar, violin, keyboard, clarinet and percussion, recreates the exhilarating and moving songs of his homeland. This ensemble of talented and vibrant musicians from the Illawarra entrances audiences with the spirit and mystery of this ancient culture, from poignant love songs to irresistible dance music. As they share their love of their Romany roots, the vibrant intensity of true gypsy blood flows through their music to transform audiences into a passionate gypsy troupe. So step out of life as you know it and free your inner gypsy with Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret!

CATEGORY: Music and Cabaret


Zoe Rogers – Chemistry: The Human Condition

CHEMISTRY. So many connotations – high school, sexual tension, your anti-depressants, romance, the ozone layer, neurotransmitters, toxic fire-fighting foams and of course Eshays and the good times.

Zoe is a mostly self-taught Chemistry enthusiast who happens to (still) hold a legitimate job as a government scientist, keeping track of chemicals all over the place, including your drug use signatures in sewage and how much humans really are f**king up the planet in all sorts of ways you haven’t even contemplated.

At 3am she’ll be up reading medical journals for the latest on clinical trials of microdosing AND macrodosing psychedelic drugs, or absorbing new discoveries across the neurodiverse multiverse. She’ll share her stories of experiments, old and new, legal and otherwise. Laughter is the best form of dopamine to be had in public, so come along one night and have a learn while you’re about it.

CATEGORY: Comedy and Spoken Word