Sketches of Myrtle

The Royal Exchange

‘An emotional, heartfelt and poetic glimpse of promise from a false start’.

Sketches of Myrtle returns to Newcastle Fringe 2024 for three incredibly unique performances!

The surreal prequel series to the upcoming, untitled MYRTLE ROCK OPERA, from the mind of Maitland creative and performing artist Matt Petherbridge continues, with this three-part of shows set in the purgatory between soundcheck and a performance on a month-too long tour.

An experimental and emotional show that explores the songs, poetry and stories of the enigmatic MYRTLE, in the Strum und Drang of creating his magnum opus - a meta-reflection on the creation and subcreation of Petherbridge’s MYRTLE ROCK OPERA.

60 mins


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The Royal Exchange


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