Sketches of Myrtle


Sketches of Myrtle is an acoustic exploration into the songs, poetry and inspirations for the upcoming untitled ‘Myrtle Rock Opera’ by Matt Petherbridge.

Sketches of Myrtle marks a new chapter in Petherbridge’s oeuvre, creating work that draws upon his experience in music journalism, theatre, poetry and songwriting.

In 2011, Petherbridge launched his debut publication, Verses: The First Stanza (Maitland Verses Poets 2017-2020), commissioned by Maitland Libraries to honour their poets-in-cafes residency program.

In 2020, prior to COVID, he exhibited ‘MY LIFE’S WORK WORLD TOUR: Vol. 1 / Beauty, Light, Struggle, Resolve’, his debut art and poetry series at The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar for Maitland’s Artastique Festival.

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