Rheinberger and Wilson

The Gal

Lie back and think of...Rheinberger & Wilson.

A musical comedy duo combining razor-sharp songs about modern life and love with brooding accordion, gutsy guitar and sweet harmonies, Rheinberger and Wilson are a unique Australian cabaret and comedy act.

Going where other couples fear to tread, you’ll hear funky songs about the challenges of sharing a bed and dick pics, not to mention unhealthy obsessions with Kenny Rogers and Nana Mouskouri. It's like musical couples therapy.

Nick has been the host of ABC Ilawarra’s morning show for the last 17 years, wrote comedy for “Good News Week” and “Backberner” and spent years touring with musical comedy quartet The Pickled Herrings. Tia was one of the founding members of the all-women musical comedy group ‘Cheeky Tzatziki’ and ‘Church of the Clitori. She is also known for keeping our spirits up during the dark days of Covid as our fearless leader, ‘Gladys’.

•The Gal is a strictly 18+ venue (must show ID upon entry).

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The Gal


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