Award-winning performance “Flamencodanza”- an inspired, powerful and elegant show of Flamenco dance and guitar by Aylin Bayaz and Raul Mannola.

Flamencodanza is a project that started five years ago at the Avignon Fringe in France, and has now reached a point where different elements fuse together in a unique manner producing an award winning, surprising show full of energy, beauty and inspiration. Elements of flamenco, Brazilian music and jazz give the music a variety of colours. The passionate dancing is based on flamenco, with its fiery footwork, strength, elegance and delicacy.

Premiered at the Avignon Festival in 2021, the show has been performed on several stages in Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, UK and the USA.

“Best Dance and Physical theatre show of the Hollywood Fringe 2022"
"An audience favourite" Hudson Theater, Hollywood

60 mins


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Brunker Community Theatre


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