Kids & Young Adults

Alana Blackburn – Re-Growth?

Regrowth? is a solo multimedia performance by acclaimed recorder player Alana Blackburn. Through a performance of new, electroacoustic works it’s time to hear the recorder like you’ve never heard it before! Bringing an arsenal of different sized instruments, this visual and aural experience evokes thoughts and engagement between the audience, the natural world, and the creative sound world.

Obviously a fine exponent of music for any recorder, she proved herself as a capable experimenter in contemporary wind technique. In four diverse works she produced an atmospheric collaboration with electronic media.ArtsHub

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


Australian Ukulele Orchestra

The Australian Ukulele Orchestra (AUO) is a small group of talented musicians from NSW. Based in Sydney but with members also from Newcastle and Port Macquarie, the group is unique to the Australian ukulele scene. They perform multi-part arrangements of compositions from Handel to Fleetwood Mac, Tchaikovsky to Michael Jackson. Formed in 2019 and just before COVID restrictions kicked in the Orchestra was previously known as The Outlaws and had performed for several years at ukulele festivals on the East Coast. During the two NSW COVID lockdowns the Orchestra produced entertaining videos of some of their repertoire available on You Tube and via their Facebook Page. In recent times the Orchestra has supplemented its pure ukulele line-up with vocals and percussionists. Demonstrating that music is for all people, the group sports members with careers in teaching, education administration, banking, retirement and health sciences.



Basketball Man Can Fly

For years Basketball Man has been a world renowned Basketball Freestyler but now he’s out to prove he’s a real superhero. Witness the best basketball tricks you’ve never seen as Basketball Man. Watch him as he spins, dribbles, juggles, and performs stunts in this crime fighting, family-friendly circus show.

CATEGORY: Circus and Kids Show


Catherine Britt – Home Truths

The internationally successful, multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, Catherine Britt takes to her hometown stage to showcase her new album Home Truths and perform a whole swag of her biggest hits. It’s the singer and the song that makes for truly distinctive and enduring artists – lots of great songs and some mighty fine singing. Catherine Britt has a voice that instantly gets your attention … but unlike others, it is the craftsmanship of this singer/songwriter who unashamedly boasts a worthy story to tell that truly keeps her audience enthralled.

Supported by self-proclaimed gypsy Scotsman, singer/songwriter Colin Lillie whose latest EP was mixed by Shane Nicholson on Beverley Hillbilly Records and features a duet with Britt – this show promises to pack a punch and sell-out.



Come for Tea!

COME FOR TEA! A collection of real-life experiences and funny misunderstandings and situations one can experience when not familiar with slang, new culture, food experiences, and sayings that one never learns when studying English at school. This show will make you smile, giggle and laugh out loud about everyday situations.



Failure to Launch

They perform funny songs and award-winning poetry but can they finally get their books off the ground? Robert Edmonds is a prize-winning poet and performer but Gravity Doesn’t Work is his first collection. Clark Gormley is a Writer/Singer/Comedian who’s written three albums worth of songs for Nerds & Music but his poetry collection Not What You Think deserves a bigger audience. See the show that won best comedy at 2021 Dubbo Fringe.

Receive two free books with your ticket! Learn how to fail from the experts!

CATEGORGY: Music, Comedy and Poetry


Georgina Winchester – Piano from Gresford

Piano From Gresford is a cross multi-disciplinary performance incorporating symphonic music, story-telling and theatre. The piece of music was written and produced by 24 year old local musician and founder of Purple Top Records, Georgie Winchester, who has gathered only the most experienced and best young musicians in Newcastle to accompany her undulating piano composition. In collaboration with young writer Angus Sharpe who is studying creative writing at the University of Newcastle, some of the most unique and poetic tales have been written and are narrated throughout the show creating an interdisciplinary edge to the performance. To tie the performance together, two local dancers embellish the music and Sharpe’s stories onstage through use of costume, body movement, light and dance. Distinguished director, actor, writer and producer Michael Winchester has offered to assist in direction and production of the show.

Don’t miss this beautiful locally produced show on a magical night in March for the Newcastle Fringe Festival 2022.



Jacinta Gregory – My Intervention

You all waited far too long to do this, so Jacinta has taken matters into her own hands, and decided to throw her own intervention. Snacks, refreshments and a space to air grievances will be available for all to enjoy!

A blend of comedy and cabaret featuring original songs, ‘My Intervention’ is the story of a person so isolated and desperate for company that they make a space where people are forced to attend. Hilarious, raw, and gut-punchingly honest, My Intervention is a show you won’t want to miss.

CATEGORY: Cabaret, Music and Comedy


Jane Austen Society

Is Mr Darcy more vividly portrayed within the pages of the novel Pride and Prejudice or when viewed in a TV or film adaptation? Can a novel written 200 years ago be meaningful to a present-day reader without the help of a dramatic re-enactment? How obligated is the adapter of Austen’s work to remain true to the original?

Members of the local branch of the Jane Austen Society will lead a lively discussion on these questions in which the audience will be encouraged to join.


CATEGORY: Spoken Word


Johnny Bakerlite and the Subterraneans – Thinking Out Loud

This is a jam packed hour of evocative poetic imagery, served up in a rich melodic sauce of textures and colours with a dollop of driven punchy one liner smoky blues for your listening pleasure.



Kahibah Brass Kills the Radio Star

The eccentric, eclectic, electronic, ‘eargasmic‘, and visually spasmodic brass explosion that is Kahibah Brass brings a chaotic mix of old and new, known and unknown, twisted together and sent to you through cosmic beams of neuro experimentation. All served with a side of visual insanity, this is a show for the reminiscent, ‘disco-iscent‘ time travelling revellers that like the night life and to boogie on down blurred lines laid out by Israelites so we can be Happy Together. So Tether My Pony, shake that Green Tambourine, Get Smart & come on out to the extraordinary extravaganza that is Kahibah Electro Pop Brass Experience.

CATEGORY: Music and Experimental Theatre


Li Laurent

Li Laurent is an enigmatic singer songwriter who writes songs about feeling very deeply and/or being incredibly sassy. She’s an acclaimed British Artist, known for her powerful vocals and unique writing style which have been regularly featured on radio, TV & festival stages. Her style transcends international waters, where her music is being received in England, America and Sweden most notably with her original songs “Little Black Soul” and “Broken Bird”. Her shows are always packed full of good vibes and great energy and she’s here good time – not a long time.



Mitchell Elliott – Kurosawa Daydream

Mitchell Elliott will perform his 2021 collection Kurosawa Daydream for the first time before a live audience. Kurosawa Daydream is inspired by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s series of short films, Dreams (夢). The songs are, like their namesake, desolate, uncanny, and phantasmagorical; collages of electronic sounds that provoke the listener to find meaning within the cacophony of violent sounds, eerie melodies and disparate field recordings. Elliott invites his audience to endure a treacherous sonic journey through dream-like imagery and foreign worlds.



Nerds & Music Do The Fringe

Nerds & Music consists of two word-nerds from the back sheds of Newcastle. A poetry-writing engineer and a font designer with misguided dreams of guitar stardom, their unique acoustic comedy is all about the words. Quirky and non-traditional, they provide philosophical insight into underrated song writing subjects such as British crime drama, recycling and the colour brown. Delivering satire coated in pleasing harmonies, audiences will be mildly bemused by their weirdness, witticisms, wordplay, alliteration, and use of the Oxford Comma. Warning: may contain traces of nerd.

CATEGORY: Music and Comedy


Scruffy Knight

Enormous technical changes over the last thirty years, and of course COVID, pushes our elderly performer to the limits of sanity, so he calls upon his friends from other parts of the world, who bring a wealth of talent which they try to communicate through today’s technology. Their seemingly inept attempts hopefully achieve a surprisingly hilarious result.

CATEGORY: Experimental Theatre and Comedy


Sweet Fleshed, Loose Skinned, and Highly Perfumed

Delicate Disasters
Delightful Dramas
Decaying Dandys

A dashing damsel, dancing into Dante’s infernal dreams

What do these have in common? We’re not sure, but you might find them at ’Sweet fleshed, loose skinned, and highly perfumed’, a new solo work of dance theatre, devised and performed by Josh Freedman. A reclamation of the once derogatory term ‘fruit’, it explores and celebrates queerness through a unique blend of cabaret, flights of fantasy, and visceral physicality. So come and witness chimeric creatures and virtuous vixens, sensual seedlings and overpowering odours. It promises to be a great night, filled with passion(fruit), not to miss.



Sydney The Folk Musical

This extravaganza, spanning 10,000 years and 658 suburbs, featuring a live folk band and a Greek chorus, will be performed by a cast full of Morris dancers (from Sydney of course) and filled with songs penned by Clark Gormley.

CATEGORY: Music, Poetry, Dance and Comedy


When Shakespeare Met Shakespeare

When Shakespeare Met Shakespeare pits four Shakespeare conspiracies against one another in a hapless bid to find the truth. The unfortunate subjects of these tired theories will test each other’s wit and patience in a playwriting contest in which only the audience will survive.

CATEGORY: Theatre and Comedy


Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret

Want to get your feet tapping? Want to free your inner Gypsy? Then come along to experience the unique music and song of Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret, from moving love songs to passionate dance music. Fiery, powerful, gentle, romantic… Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret brings you all the captivating music of the Romany gypsies and Balkan folk songs. Zlatko’s rich baritone voice, accompanied by instruments as diverse as guitar, violin, keyboard, clarinet and percussion, recreates the exhilarating and moving songs of his homeland. This ensemble of talented and vibrant musicians from the Illawarra entrances audiences with the spirit and mystery of this ancient culture, from poignant love songs to irresistible dance music. As they share their love of their Romany roots, the vibrant intensity of true gypsy blood flows through their music to transform audiences into a passionate gypsy troupe. So step out of life as you know it and free your inner gypsy with Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret!

CATEGORY: Music and Cabaret