The Heathens Choir

Newcastle Fringe

The Heathens Choir

DATE: March 26, 2022
TIME: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
VENUE: Wesley Uniting Church Hamilton
ADDRESS: 150-152 Beaumont Street, Hamilton, NSW, 2303
PRICE: $20

What do you call someone who sings and lives in Blackheath? A ‘Heathen of course! We are an inclusive and welcoming choir to all comers, with singers from Hazelbrook to Lithgow. If you love music but think you can’t sing, we don’t believe you. Our aim is to get the best possible musical result out of enjoyable rehearsals, being firm believers that the journey must be at least as much fun as the outcome. Current musical choices range from Eric Bogle and Eliza Gilkyson to the Flying Pickets, via Paul Simon and James Taylor.

The Heathens Choir is a valued community institution in the upper Blue Mountains. The role of a community choir is a many-layered thing, where singing is the glue that holds together something altogether more profound. Our music brings joy to other people, whether it be at Mt Victoria Great Train Weekend, Leura Gardens Festival, singing with the Sydney Street Choir or in concert with the Spooky Men’s Chorale.

One of the choir’s older members said this: “I adore the sound of human voices of all ages singing. I never thought I could sing but through the positive reinforcement and encouragement, I am beginning to find that I can sing. And it gives me tremendous joy”.