Bad Girls Club

Newcastle Fringe

Bad Girls Club

DATE: March 25, 2022
TIME: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
VENUE: The Gal
ADDRESS: 3-5 Beaumont Street, Hamilton, NSW, 2303
PRICE: $30

Kitty Allure & Onya Bones Present… The Bad Girls Club!

Delve into a world of pure unadulterated bad this burlesque and variety night.

Prepare for a night of sensuality, tease and power. Our self-expression is our art and we command your attention on stage. Feminine strength takes many forms and we can’t wait for you to see and explore what we have for you. Welcome to the club.

What does it mean to be a bad girl? It’s more than what it sounds – it’s an energy, a vibe. An all encompassing way of moving and living on the edge. Bad girls aren’t confined by rules or society, they rebel and we know exactly how to prove it to you.