Circus & Cabaret

Basketball Man Can Fly

For years Basketball Man has been a world renowned Basketball Freestyler but now he’s out to prove he’s a real superhero. Witness the best basketball tricks you’ve never seen as Basketball Man. Watch him as he spins, dribbles, juggles, and performs stunts in this crime fighting, family-friendly circus show.

CATEGORY: Circus and Kids Show


BlackStarr Cabaret & Burlesque

At night the misfits come. Welcome as we thrill and thrall you with cabaret, burlesque, circus and a lashing of magic. We will tease, we will tantalise and leave you wanting more. For the glamour, for the love and everything in between.

CATEGORY: Cabaret, Burlesque and Circus



Welcome to Candyland, a world with a little bit of sugar, spice, and all things nice… and maybe a touch of sour to tickle your taste buds! Enjoy a tasty swirl of naughty circus cabaret fun sure to satisfy every taste and leave you yearning for… the lolly jar.

Don’t believe us? Come and have a taste.

CATEGRY: Burlesque, Cabaret and Circus


Doll Haus Cabaret and Burlesque

Come play in the Doll Haus with some of Australia’s finest and most eclectic cast of performers for a night of risqué glamour and entertainment you won’t ever forget.

With Burlesque, illusion, Drag, pole and fire performances, Doll Haus Cabaret guarantees to have something for everyone!

Doll Haus Cabaret and Burlesque gathers on Awabakal Country. We pay our sincerest respects to Elders past, present and emerging and extend our respects to all Indigenous people and the land on which we perform.

CATEGORY: Cabaret, Burlesque and Circus



The remains of passion are but embers in a dying fire able to be reignited… by a change of heart’. Embersong is a Circus and Fire Arts outdoor Spectacle set in in a post-apocalyptic agrarian future. A story told in movement and song of two lovers and their polarised clans as they collide in a season of abundance. But when sparks fly and hearts cry, is that enough to make the flame die?

For adults only (of all sexualities and genders and abilities). Prepare to be smouldered by a journey into the senses and know that embers are only as hot as the fire that created them.

CATEGORY: Circus and Dance


Jacinta Gregory – My Intervention

You all waited far too long to do this, so Jacinta has taken matters into her own hands, and decided to throw her own intervention. Snacks, refreshments and a space to air grievances will be available for all to enjoy!

A blend of comedy and cabaret featuring original songs, ‘My Intervention’ is the story of a person so isolated and desperate for company that they make a space where people are forced to attend. Hilarious, raw, and gut-punchingly honest, My Intervention is a show you won’t want to miss.

CATEGORY: Cabaret, Music and Comedy



A dynamite, late-night romp of burlesque, circus, drag, sideshow and magic. We light up the stage with delightfully devilish displays of debauchery the likes of which you’ll never be able to unsee. One whole hour that represents approximately 169 years of repenting for sins you didn’t even commit, only witnessed. On the Scoville Scale, this once-in-a-lifetime kinda spice makes the Carolina Reaper look like a silly little ice cube.

That’s right: We’ve just sassed the hottest chili in the world and we’d do it again. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you won’t know where to look or what to do with your hands. Come for the shock, stay for the awe.

CATEGORY: Burlesque and Circus


Psychotic Sideshow

A motley crew of clowns have been booted out & ex-clown-unicated from Jailor Jorge’s Sideshow for displaying “macabre & unusual behaviours”. Circus-goers and the like, prepare yourself for a gawking spectacle.

CATEGORY: Circus and Experimental Theatre


Wild Side

From the creators of award-winning variety night OMGWTF, Wild Side is Newcastle’s premier late night rock and roll romp. Featuring the finest burlesque, circus and sideshow to a rock and roll soundtrack, clothing, rules, and manners are out the door. This show will have you screaming for more!

CATEGORY: Burlesque and Circus


Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret

Want to get your feet tapping? Want to free your inner Gypsy? Then come along to experience the unique music and song of Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret, from moving love songs to passionate dance music. Fiery, powerful, gentle, romantic… Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret brings you all the captivating music of the Romany gypsies and Balkan folk songs. Zlatko’s rich baritone voice, accompanied by instruments as diverse as guitar, violin, keyboard, clarinet and percussion, recreates the exhilarating and moving songs of his homeland. This ensemble of talented and vibrant musicians from the Illawarra entrances audiences with the spirit and mystery of this ancient culture, from poignant love songs to irresistible dance music. As they share their love of their Romany roots, the vibrant intensity of true gypsy blood flows through their music to transform audiences into a passionate gypsy troupe. So step out of life as you know it and free your inner gypsy with Zlatko’s Balkan Cabaret!

CATEGORY: Music and Cabaret